About Us

About Chocolate & I, New York (CINY)

Chocolate & I, New York (CINY) is an annual celebration of chocolate and good eating in New York City presented by Migration of Senses. The event is designed to awaken the senses and enchant not only chocolate aficionados, but also offer new experiences and knowledge through quality events that exquisitely melt chocolate with food, design, and the arts. It is the goal of CINY to transform New York City into a sensory homage to chocolate during the week of St. Valentine’s as we invite guests to learn more about the unique virtues of authentic chocolate; discover the work of various artists and the many new cultures in our midst; connect to new brands; and reach a new level of social/environmental awareness through these innovative chocolate tastings, pairings, discussions, and art installations. For more information, visit www.chocolateandi-newyork.com.

About Migration of Senses

Specialists in event designing, producing, managing and marketing, Migration of Senses focuses on creating not only an environment in which the guest is the centerpiece, but also true memorable sensory experiences and quality events. Migration of Senses’ mission is to spread new ideas in unique and unconventional ways; connect a rapidly growing demographic of food and design and arts enthusiasts with innovative brands and products; support talented emerging and established artists, and promote their work. For more information, please visit www.migrationofsenses.com.