Why Chocolate & I, New York

photo by Clyde McKenzie

The winds of change are blowing in many places these days and the world of chocolate has also been experiencing change…. for the better. Not only are we seeing the rise of a new generation of chocolatiers, growers and retailers, we are also witnessing cacao alchemists and chocolate experts uniting worldwide to provide what can be best described as a new generation of “good chocolate”.

Good chocolate is a subtle way of saying that chocolate is being elevated to an entirely new level as a food, a culture, a sensual experience and a market. A big part of this change is due to the artisanal, innovative methods that chocolatiers are using to preserve as many of the nutritional benefits and complexities of the cacao bean as possible.

The chocolate experiences we have discovered are unique and exquisite, both in taste and quality, with chocolates made from the best of cacao beans, grown with respect for the environment and the people who make a living from its culture. Each taste brings a whole new range of possibilities for what chocolate can mean to the lives of those who love it and even to those who have never experienced its endless joys. This is our reason for creating Chocolate & I, New York, an annual celebration of chocolate and good eating in New York City!

Chocolate & I, New York aims to raise awareness about the magical qualities of cacao, discover the work of artists, open up to new [food] cultures, connect to new brands and products, and reach a new level of social/environmental awareness through a series of sensory experiences and unique happenings. We want the five senses to be continually surprised by the journey to sweetness and discovery that we are planning to offer from February 8th to February 14th, 2010 and our guests to indulge any chocolate mood they feel for at any given moment of the day.

So save the date and book your ticket to support GOOD chocolate, celebrate the SWEET LIFE, and experience “THE FOOD OF LOVE” with us!

Virginie Delavaud

Founder & Producer
Migration of Senses and Chocolate & I, New York